We can provide advice and guidance to clients on their arrangements for managing their affairs in later life as well as for planning to pass on wealth to their families upon death.

Whilst we are not able to prepare and put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney, we are able to discuss and explain the benefits of doing so, as well as the practical considerations for managing your affairs in the future such should you become unable to do so through ill health.

We are also able to discuss the benefits of having up to date Wills in place as well as considering your Estate Planning to ensure that your wealth is passed on upon your death tax efficiently and in line with your wishes.

We can also advise on your options for passing on your pensions to your family in the most suitable way particularly given that these are generally not included within an estate for Probate or Inheritance Tax Purposes.

If a potential Inheritance Tax liability is something that concerns you, we can produce an Inheritance Tax Planning Report, which considers your current position and provides details and advice on the options available to address this.

We can then assist with putting in place any new arrangements that may be suitable to mitigate your Inheritance Tax situation including life policies placed into trust, lump sum investments into trust as well as investments that qualify for business property relief.

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