We commit to being open and transparent on costs with our clients, seeking agreement from them at each stage prior to proceeding with any work and to avoid any surprises. Unlike many financial advice firms, we publish our fee structure online (see Our Charges section) and believe that we offer advice to clients at a reasonable cost and provide great value for money. We commit to being clear with our advice and explaining our recommendations which may, at times, be to do nothing. We will not recommend any course of action we do not feel is in our client’s best interests.

Whilst we are happy to deal with one-off transactions, our ethos is geared towards building strong and mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with clients with a view to us being considered as a trusted adviser who is on hand to help, wherever possible.

Being a Chartered firm means we have met the exacting professional standards required in respect of technical knowledge and regulatory compliance and we believe our advice process reflects this.

Initial client enquiries can be made via this website, face-to-face or by phone and, assuming we are able to deal with your needs, we will arrange an initial fact-finding meeting, which is free of charge, to provide us with a clear understanding of your specific needs and objectives as well as your current circumstances. The initial meeting enables you learn about our approach to advising clients, to help you decide if we are a firm that you feel you can work with.

Assuming we can assist you, we will write to you summarising our discussions, how we can help and providing clear details of what the costs will be.

Often the next stage for advising on pensions and investments is to undertake a review of your current arrangements and to provide you with a report offering guidance and advice on your options, which will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you wish us to act on your behalf. Should you decide not to proceed with us, it is important that you have a clear understanding of your options and the suitability of your current arrangements.

If you instruct us to act for you, then we will again give a clear indication of the costs as well as likely timescales and what will happen next. Any product recommendations will be presented to you in person, ensuring you are happy with our recommendation and always offering you time to consider things before deciding if you want to proceed.

For clients with pensions and investments, we offer an ongoing service for which we charge an annual fee of 0.5% of the value of your plan. This provides you with regular reviews of your plans and ensures the ongoing suitability of your investment whilst considering any changes to your financial circumstances.

We are confident our approach to giving advice to clients is clear, fair and in their best interests.