Sustainable, Responsible & Ethical Investing, what does it mean?

We are all being encouraged to consider the decisions that we make and how we can improve the state of our planet for future generations, whether it be using less plastic or cycling to work, but perhaps this should also apply to our investment decisions.

Whilst you may have specific objectives for your investments in terms of how long you wish to invest, what the money will ultimately be for, what realistic returns do you hope to achieve and how much risk are you prepared to take; have you considered how the underlying companies within your investments affect our communities, and the wider environment?

Here at Norfolk & Suffolk we have clients with specific ethical, environmental or religious beliefs who prefer their money to be invested into a portfolio that reflects their views. Ethical investing is not for everyone, but as a company we would like to cater for clients who have strong opinions on where they would like their money to be invested.

What are Ethical Funds?

Ethical investing gives an individual the power to allocate their funds into a portfolio based on their values and beliefs, whether that be social, moral, religious or political.

The two main styles of ethical investing are negative and positive screening, which are detailed below:

“Negative screening allows an individual to eliminate specific industries from their portfolios, such as; tobacco, firearms, alcohol and many more. Whereas positive screening allows an individual to invest into areas that they support, for example; alternative energy, veganism, a greener planet etc.”

We have devised a process in which we can create bespoke portfolios for our clients. Each portfolio will be tailored to your specific values and beliefs and we will also keep in mind the amount of risk that you would like to take and your capacity for loss.

How can I get an Ethical Portfolio with Norfolk & Suffolk?

It really is as simple as picking up the phone or filling in the contact form on our website. One of our advisers will call you back to discuss this further and the initial meeting at our office will be free.